Elektra 11

The (other) International Digital Arts Festival in Montreal is eleven years old! In celebration the superb Elektra (May 5-9) has just been co-bestowed with the 25th Grand Prix du Conseil des arts de Montréal (along with Mutek, interestingly enough). Congratulations! In today’s announcement of their first artists to perform this year they noted a Raster-Noton Showcase which will include: Mika Vainio, new work by Byetone (Olaf Bender), and the Canadian premiere of work by both Aoki Takamasa and Grisha Lichtenberger. Also, a Montreal reprise of Herman Kolgen‘s Inject (although it is listed as v.02…) as well as the brand-new North American debut of Dust! The fest will also include a laserlight sound performance by Edwin van der Heide, an ensemble concert with video from Sylvain Pohu & Sixtrum and other audio visual works yet to be announced, watch their blog for more….

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