Francisco López – Amarok

Glacial Movements

On Amarok sound sculptor Francisco López softens a savage terrain of whirring buzz like a brewing storm, then cuts suddenly, short and flat, to cool drone breezes. This lengthy hour plus work captures the sense of territorial distances, something akin to open torch flames and the echo of the outdoors. Like few of his recent releases López has treated his sources to a lush full course of thin layered varying depths of field. One can lavish in the work almost as if it were photographic, depicting a cryptic background of nerve-ending like fleeting activity while a curvy, hushness dances at close range. The charge of a sifting blur bleeds through a majority of the dark center here before a brisk release comes in the final dozen minutes. In its dramatic finality, Amarok poses a detached embrace of sorts, much like López’s live concert work. The journey ends as the cycle began in bare, slow silence.

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