Concert Silence – 9.22.07

9.22.07 [2-3 P.M.]

Concert Silence is the Portland-based duo comprised of Charles Buckingham and Matthew Cooper. The disc (or 2xLP) is titled 9.22.07. Here six untitled tracks weave harmoniously into each other. In an edition of 900 (in both formats) the cover art is a visual play on seeing, a blurry and myopic treat manipulating organic material by Jason Evans (from It Is What It Is). A sonic low-fi bass hum cascades like a dense waterfall while the ‘chatter’ of electronics awkwardly tumbles like a visceral sphere of jagged matter. Paired with the delicate sounds of these two gentlemen it’s not clear how the origins of their experiment began over kombucha, but that seems less relevant than the warm, meandering tones that fill a room sensitively. I suppose the image of fermentation might be relative, though on this recording the quietude has an air of the Spring solstice, things popping, spreading like pollen.

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