Bastard Noise & Christian Renou – Brainstorming II

Brainstorming II

These artists, on their own, make some noise. Together, talk about bells and whistles – a great collaboration! The Bastard Noise and Christian Renou‘s Brainstorming II on Minneapolis’ Housepig follows in the footsteps of Brainstorming (Desolation House) with a few welcome twists in the netting. Originally recorded separately in France and California back in ’02 this had been sitting on the back lot way too long – but we are lucky it’s seen the light of day. The source material, a combination of filters, machines and other industrial isms is pieced together like a sinister plot of some kind, especially evident on Sucker (Organikkk). Cling, klang, whiz, brrr. It’s a fiery collision at a crossroad, but somehow ends upright on its feet. Blaring street noises unfurl on the hellion Es Gebt Immer Weier (Let It Be). The noise is sculpted to polar highs/lows becoming a bit of a metropolitan cathartic wash. Mind you, such a cacophony urges a balance, and this recording offers the proper ambient hollows and cavernous stillness in the mix. Whether it’s the breathalyzer on Cut At 360° (You Are Feeling Drinkable Now) or the ripcord starting point of Pollen, the way these tracks build from start to finish finds these gentlemen merging an ingenious blend of gutsy, near anthemic themes. The bass lows are full as the acoustic aerobics tantalize and retreat – yet they never quite seem cocky – more like a striated minstrel show on a broken frequency.

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