Clubroot II

Clubroot (II)
LoDubs Records

UK’s Clubroot has officially arrived with his second release, a freshly original self-titled record. At first listen the opening Orbiting and Waterways have this sort of updated, post Deep Forest atmospheric world sound. This dense and ethereal warm harmony with vocal treatments reminiscent of tropical bird calls opens slowly but pretty surely. The shoegazer beat here emerges with a certain breath, one that amps up dreamy ambient. As things move forth Dry Cured slowly builds the bpms without losing the subtle curves in the sound structure. Finely blended rhythms here are both velvety at times and poker-faced elsewhere. There are even hints of the best Y2K-era Pet Shop Boys remixes on both Whistles & Horns and Toe to Toe (listen very closely). These few scattered, savvy moments show a reliance towards pop that separates this from many of its predecessors in the growing world of dubstep. It can also distance the trained ear some, but only those expecting the most technical of IDM, but that would honestly be boring. Closure is perhaps the only track that seems a bit thinly repetitive of some of the themes heard on this LoDubs production. Still this expands, filling with formidable textures that are tangibly and tantalizingly tactile, standing unflaggingly solo without regret. And Clubroot does so here without snubbing anything in particular, but borrowing graciously from uncharted territory — a bit of a crockpot, simmering assimilations of stylings by the likes of Enigma, Cornershop and to a lesser degree Portishead before they each made their own signature. Though it’s just a wink, not a remake. It’s the in-betweeness that makes this such a bright future to look forward to.

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