Jóhann Jóhannsson Visits Portland

The Aladdin Theater (3017 SE Milwaukie Avenue) features Icelandic artist Jóhann Jóhannsson in concert, one night only, May 13 at 8PM. Don’t miss this one.


Addendum: The concert was lovely, and truly unique for electronic performance. On stage, Jóhannsson, was joined by a mini quintet symphony, four stringed instruments as well as a second laptopper (Goldmund who played as the virtuoso pianist opener) doing percussive sounds. The black and white projected films had glitches, were dark and slightly non-responsive, but the music was introspective, harmonious and trance-inducing – so I closed my eyes and drifted off with them. A blend of field recordings, dark ambient with lots of dramatic classical overtones. With an attendance of about 80 people on a beautifully warm evening all I can say is many missed this one – and they were kind enough to do a single, short encore as well.


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