Rene Hell – Porcelain Opera

Porcelain Opera

(((SYNTHESIZE ME))): Meet Rene Hell – the latest moniker of Jeffrey D. Witscher, still a rather newcomer to the electronic scene, and aside from assorted cassettes over the last year this would be his powerful debut on Type. It meanders like some kind of melancholic lost soul or bastard stepchild of Cabaret Voltaire or Pink Floyd (listen to Prize Mischief Hold). Yeah, there’s a baby beatnik inside this Porcelain Opera easing out on his own with a nod to the vibes of vintage Pete Townshend on IV 18:54. There’s also some kind of deep dark 80’s synth flashback on L.Minx. Along the way garbled rattling and lil’ squeaky antics are lain atop a rather syrup-slow thematic backdrop that might make some harken back to the era of Vangelis’ Heaven and Hell. So, yeah, this new thing is packed with references galore though remains more than just a melange of other people’s stylistic leanings – it’s about free-flow composition. It’s also about time someone just lost themselves wholeheartedly in the music once again – and not self-indulgently. There’s a fusion between old and new, digital and handmade. This is quite original and hard at first or second listen to pin-down, making it worthy of long play. Give ’em Hell!

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