Frank Bretschneider – EXP


EXP is something of a glorious experiment. Sure there have been many artists who have put together collections of samples, in-betweener track collections – but none like this. Bretschneider has been at it a long time, and by combining 35 tracks with accompanying videos which can be played any which way really fend sound-bending as evolutionary. Packed with crisp clicks/cuts, waves and funky beats we hear short pieces ranging from 14 seconds to 3 minutes, all with one thing in common, ultimate flexibility of a pitter-patter beat that twists seamlessly from piece to piece. I loaded it into my iTunes, mixed things up and voila, instant newly fabricated set. Ultimately you can chose any starting point. Of course it comes with a certain signature sound, those embedded Raster-Noton frequencies. The sources here come from the cadence of actual mechanics — electricity/light and radiation. The animated visuals are activated and composed from the audio as host, dancing in time from the variant, steady electronic impulses. Imperative to be played on the largest, widest HD screen you can get hold of – sans light and let go.

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