Beto Narme – Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice
Sublime Porte

Istanbul-based Beto Narme (Tufan Demir) has released something new with the four track ep Multiple Choice. There’s no skimping on groovy beats on Figment Dots, frothy with pops and ambient wah ya ya. Smoothing some in a wink/nod to Basic Channel on Simmer Down its something a bit like a glint of sunshine through warm caramel dripping down all sides of this savory earful. But Demir doesn’t only play with your typical lock-groove, adding at cautious intervals, he layers thickly with dramatic low end passages, activating the listener. When things climb back up again it’s precision timing for the dancefloor, even on the rocky crashing Outranked Spectacles. By popping and plunging this piece darts like wayward fireworks with a coyness that’s itchy-scratchy-catchy. A find.

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