Pseudocode – Europa


This is Belgian experimental new wave/noise circa 1980 – and Europa is strictly limited to 500 copies. Spoken word sing-song stylings of Alain Neffe with a band including Guy Marc Hinant and Xavier Stenmans filling all musical slots from percussion to woodwinds to guitar and tapes. Tracks like Addis Abeba and No More Groan recall productions by Daniel Miller of Mute fame, dark vocals with the Cabaret Voltaire-like vocoder and elongated timing. Similar industrial improvisations in the same era were omnipresent in much more formally known works by SPK and Einzurstende Neubauten. Sub Rosa – The Last Hole is a hypnotic theme in kinship with the best episode of Dr. Who or a flashback from a Legendary Pink Dots midnight show. It’s slurred with ripe attitude: what could only be sampled throat singing, perfect static and rambling synths. This release also compiles their first and second EPs, eight additional tracks from two earlier recordings. The best of which is the sly Moon Effect where Neffe comes off as a much less pop version of Peter Murphy or Stiv Bators. It’s great that there are still worthy cataloguers such as eetapes out there willing to be bold enough to dig up incredible nuggets like this one from the annals of the era that brought us Liquid Sky, The Decline of the Western Civilization, Lydia Lunch and so much more — fitting snuggly ‘tween those visual bookends for sure!

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