The Blood of Heroes

The Blood of Heroes
Ohm Resistance

Grumbly guitars dipped in dub, the murky Blinded kicks off this set concocted in collaboration by Bill Laswell and Justin Broadrick. The Blood of Heroes is one of those records that rips the cord from the chute from the start. Hard-edged and lain with beats posed by End.user and Submerged — reminds me some of latter day Gary Numan. The percussion is thick and blurry, accompanied by Dr. Israel’s rasta vocal inflection. Gone are most of the subtleties heard in either Broadrick or Laswell’s many experimental ambient type projects, this is a jungle war, Salute To The Jugger is a testament to that! Throughout there are generous hints of a soundtrack in the making, until the gravel of assertive guitar (Breakaway) wipes out everything in its path, an angry record for our passive/aggressive times? Made for the WWW2.0 We Generation, basically this year’s model rock record in the lineage of Ministry’s The Land of Rape and Honey or P.I.L.’s The Flowers of Romance – just without the same hooks or frontmen snarling caustically in your face. Remain pops from the set as it plays on Richard D. James’ syncopated pitter-patter percussive techno. The tense atmosphere drops some here in lieu of a bit more rhythmic set of riffs bleeding perfectly into Wounds Against Wounds, until it too amplifies into frenetic scattered beats, recollected and released with fury. Not for the weary.

Sample it here.

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