Yen Pox – Blood Music

Blood Music
Malignant Records

Here is the re-release of the stunning dark ambient work by Yen Pox, Blood Music. Fifteen years after its original format this double disc edition is more than welcome, and released by the same label no less. Here it combines a two and a half hour expansion with additional bonus material that was originally only on cassette and 7″ vinyl. Steven Hall and Michael JV Hensley are Yen Pox and their sound is chilling, drowse-inducing, very dark. Blood Music puts you in this place where you virtually levitate. Tracks like Twilight Eternal and Infinite Domain infiltrate a sense of being expanded in mid air, and once up there you’re dangling only by your subconscious. If you might imagine yourself dead center on a runway while a jumbo jet is coming your way, full frontal you may meet half way on Descent. The atmosphere really captures this air of the depression of gravity, going down, down, way low. Illuminati is equivalent to an automated underwater carwash, drenched in the flickering and faded depths of the deep, plenty to obscure your peripherals and increase slumber. Blood Music mixes metaphors by crossing the push/pull divide between a slow-motion thrill ride and an echo chamber of mirrors where you must strategize escape. The flow of Virus places you in a cacophonous open space where the air pressure forces and sucks making it nearly impossible to ground yourself from either falling or ascending. As Hollow Earth rumbles along, a cascading wave of drone drives a sense of alarm to the edges of the room. The space quickens with a vibrancy that is sensuous in shape cloaking itself in mysterious background noise. With each step you become witness to the strange, eroding abyss.

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