PHASE: Jason Kahn/John Mueller


Phase is one long track, just under 40-minutes. It is fueled by a big deep breath, then flooded in exhaust. Jason Kahn and Jon Mueller are both notable names in experimental sound composition, and this is most certainly something that pairs both of these gentlemen’s less gentle sides. It’s harsh without being quite abrasive, stirring a sense of robust dizziness. Flingco Sound System (or FSS) is Chicago-based, and they are growing a cadre of artists who sort of bleed their medium to a degree, driving into terrain that is challenging and peculiar. This record is built on frequencies struck from gongs and other acoustic percussion. If you were walking in the forest after sundown and this came on you’d swear you were about to be abducted, and may run for the hills. But since you were up there, no escape would be a safe haven. It’s flair is in its redundancy and subtle curve of volumizing the blur of drone. An asthmatic’s worst nightmare. But even half way it doesn’t let go for even a brief pause, and just then you may start to admire the range and sensitive cascading of metallic velocity. Unnerving and gutsy into the final eight or so minutes when things slowly come back down to Earth.

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