You’ll Never Find Us Here

You’ll Never Find Us Here
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Strings and other things make it go, and effuse like a fine ether. The Belgian duo pq (Samir Bekaert and Maarten Vanderwalle) build a classic and harmonious structure with lovely piano riffs adding some jazzy minimalism, keeping things warm as a mid Summer’s night. Your Perception Of Red is airy, romantic and this generation’s side of Delibes. It’s strident, yet calculated in its delicacy. Some of their tracks are straight-forward, others build upon themselves real slow, aided by wavy rhythms like that on Jocelyn. It tangos with some of the more instrumental parts and pieces of Massive Attack, and with the stretched out allure of the old Twin Peaks soundtracks. This drives right through the childlike voice heard on the curiously Spanish-guitar inflections of Louise On Earth. Throughout there are these paced sounds that drizzle and fade sweetly, drifting in and out of elegant openness, like light through a fountain of water, continuously flowing. This is easy listening for moderns.


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