Move of Ten

Move of Ten

One of the more leading electronic practitioners who keep releasing surprising cliffhangers is Autechre. Move of Ten was released immediately on the heels of Oversteps, a fine yet cold record. This one, however, is quite unusual in the long line of calculating before their time classics. Etchogon-S sounds like an experiment, losing the composition of beats for more wayward meanderings, its like an expertly crafted half thought, or is it? The more I listen to Move of Ten the more I feel manipulated by its erasures, its coy backstepping. Y7 is hardly not completely an ear opening journey into new territory, that’s what this duo does. It just goes so far to greet its listener, part tease, part sly minimalism. And there’s a lot more ambiance here and there throughout for all the hard edged quips they’ve trademarked. This is a conveyor belt, motorized by design, pumping out abstractions like Pce Freeze 2.8I, which gets a bit lost here. And they play on old school handclaps, layered thick with airy dramatic synths that pop and flatten in 5 beats. It’s refreshing to hear tracks that are wonderfully asymmetrical like Nth Dafuseder.b, something serrated that filters in both a wiggly dancehall flavor atop what may or may not be a nod to whaling songs. Fear I say it’s a bit weird, though that’s most assuredly in the vernacular here. Admittedly this is a far cry from my fave discs of yore, this one has a somewhat mid-career projection built in, something of an inverted, punctuated retrospective. The lost-in-time rhythms on Iris Was a Pupil is something of a short story in the making. There’s something of Japanese origins in the jangle, while Popol Vuh would be proud to have these men as their rightful decendents. A sleeper.


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