Brian Eno Sneak Peek

Warp Records has announced more details on the forthcoming release from composer/musician Brian Eno. The title for the new recording is Small Craft On A Milk Sea and it will come in multiple formats (Collector’s Edition Limited Box Set, MP3, 2xCD, Vinyl, more). Available on November 2.

One thought on “Brian Eno Sneak Peek

  1. I’m looking forward to this. The photo and packaging are beautiful! Damn these artists for making limited edition boxed sets that are so tempting. I would love to have that cover photo taking up an entire wall in my house.

    Coincidentally, this week I’ve been obsessed with his song “This” from “Another Day on Earth”. I love his voice….

    “This race
    And this world
    This feeling
    And this girl
    This revolver
    This fire
    This I’ll hold it up higher, higher, high”

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