Cutting + Precise: Diamond Version

Carsten Nicolai (l) and Olaf Bender (r) are Diamond Version

Diamond Version is a collaborative project between two of the most groundbreaking, experimental creators in modern sound shifting, founders of Raster-Noton, Byetone (Olaf Bender) and Alva Noto (Carsten Nicolai).

SPARKS WILL FLY: Diamond Version tries to capture this energy and combines it with conceptual ideas: every day we are exposed to the Daily Short Message Information Culture (DSMC), the aesthetic of this information system became a strong topic and a Blueprint of the visual identity of the Diamond Version project.

Here’s their Jenny Holzer-style mission statement:  Diamond Version (statement)

Mute is about to launch five (5) forthcoming EPs in 2012 which start a release rotation with Technology At The Speed Of Life / Empowering Change on July 23.  The latest trailer/teaser sounds great:

Diamond Version (trailer)

These two are not strangers to performing together live or on recording (under various monikers). In 2013 these EPs will culminate into a full longplayer. Nicolai said of the collaboration: “With Diamond Version we will follow this rough rhythmic direction, we are not DJs and we’re less interested in delivering a functional music to a social situation…” to which Bender informs: “It’s a bit harsh, and a bit more noisy [than our solo projects]”. Expect an impactful, sensory a/v experience.

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