Right There 12″ by Ant Orange


Right There is a packed platter of seven new tracks from the house of Cologne’s Karaoke Kalk. The title track just dropped a few weeks ago and is making waves as shy and ambivalent at first then building rather quickly with a percussive jazzy bent. This is the third such vinyl by Berlin musician Ant Orange for the imprint, and it’s warmed to the quirk and circumstance of the venerable sound they’ve curated for years. The groans of yearning, the integrity of the beat and the salt-n-pepper shaker sass makes this an instantly welcome listen.

AntOrange-1711-05_credit_Maria_LouceiroImage: Maria_Louceiro

Blunt, thick and funky tempo dominates Drunk In The Trunk, a bit of a wink to the Parliament / Funkadelic era for sure but a bit less dynamic in scope than the previous track until things get super moody on the third and final track on the A-side, Let That Sink In. Oh that upright bass wobble gets me everytime, and this has a bobbling front end and a lazy Summer background that echoes of small open air live performances and palm trees.


Once flipped things get a bit more contempo-techno keeping the jazz frame, and adding a one-word refrain of “hush” on the glittering Comfort Zone. The whole record meanders physically, not conceptually. On Muscle Beach you’re treated to a lush set of layers, a squeegy treble and a low-down funky warm bass. It’s nu-lounge, chic yet petit, though I wish the tracks were more elongated because just as I get into my shimmy they come to a short stop (most run around 3 minutes here). I feel like I’m listening to a retro-futuristic Blue Note recording rather than something smack dab in 2018 at times. Tickling my senses is the concluding track, the supple A Frozen Lake which is quite thermal in terms of temperature, like a forlorn goodbye. Enjoy a preview:

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