Who Are You by E Ruscha V


Who Are You contains nine shimmering, sometimes cheeky, but not at all frivolous, tracks that are colored insightfully. It’s hues merge somewhere ‘tween day-glo and pastel, in a bit of a tie-dye smirk to old school new age (not unlike its cover art), but very savvy and contemporary. Within this recording you will experience light Hawaiian themes, breathy vocalese, quirky synthy thwerps and bending phonics. This is the first full-length platter from Eddie Ruscha (he previously recorded under the DJ moniker of Secret Circuit) and what a welcome silky-layered debut. The sounds are instantly airy and wide-open with guitar tweeks galore, warbly reverb strings that are luminous in their wake, like those on a lapping shoreline. These tracks are distinctive in that they truly form conceptually (and metaphysically) into each other like an endless thoroughfare. In fact, this disc could easily be a single extended track that plays long and on and on, and I’d be no less mused by its scope. Who Are You is a big rush of fresh air.


I’m reminded of some of the 80’s loopy pop experiments of David Van Tieghem, mixed with a droopy easy listening vibe that toys on the promise of Muzak, minus the vapid one-note commercialism. This is a sound that is relaxed, dare I say even dreamy, with a defined Californian laid-back feel. It’s a rich, emotional, “I want to get lost in this” type of mix. And out of the misty blue comes a lightly vocoded voice on Endless Sunday, and its title perfectly describes its style and substance, it’s a bit of a faded and slightly warped fusion of waxy sounds. E Ruscha V takes you on sensory vacation, rustling through sonic reeds, over the many fluid curves of this recording. It feels like lying, semi-conscious upon the razor thin edge of a balmy horizonline, as if there’s only sky. This is what I hear within the pure lightness of the concluding track, All Of A Sudden, with its wispy humming, faded pitter patter, tom tom style percussion. And just like that it’s gone, leaving this listener with a sense of longing, not for lacking, but for more. Please.

But Wait There’s More: The CD version of this release includes two bonus tracks that do not appear in the LP or digital version so watch for these when pointing those lasers:

  • Blowing Through The Skies (US Bonus Track)
  • In Miniature (US Bonus Track)


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