Anacleto Vitolo + Luca Buoninfante – Life Forms


Released in just a few days time (3/26) is a fiery electro-static collaboration between Luca Buoninfante (field recordings, mics) and Anacleto Vitolo (electronics) from the Italian manyfeetunder imprint. Life Forms is collection of ten distinctive tracks that scale sonic waves with a copious balance of found street sounds and an industrial edge (as heard on City). This is musique concrète in its purest form, unrestrained, thrumpy and full of shadow and light. It’s also a test/ament in active listening. Though the noises generated ain’t pretty in one moment, just wait as you cannot help but listening on as this disc is chock-full of wildly interesting conjured sounds. The percussive idling on Spasm attests for this in its wrangling of space and scattered-ness. Flies sounds like a hive gone quite mad, literally and figuratively — and the buzz continues via a continuous conveyer which repeats and drops into the corrosive background.


Available for download as well as in physical format, this homemade label impressed as my very first foray into their world. As Life Forms continues, the duo sifts through the earlier muck of dread tones by elongating the fragmented hush on Core, one of the more powerful tracks of the recording. But it’s not too long before the saw-pitch screech of hard metal returns to rear its fearless noggin. One can appreciate the obfuscation of original sound sources here, and the sheer thrill of the hi-to-low peaks and valleys in their scope of sound, be it pitch or allusion, they’ve boldly developed a sound that can also be sensitive in the deeper registers. Very deep.

For those who like things that go bump, no more like THUMP, CRASH, BOOM, BANG, in the night – this will be your kettle of tea. And those who are a bit aurally timid, may also be tickled into submission of the gray area of sound art.

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