Emanate by Freiband


Just released this month, Emanate is the latest and twenty-third full-length from Freiband (Frans de Waard), this time appearing on Silent Records. As one of many long-serving side projects for de Waard the hour-long affair is made up of two long tracks billed as Part 1 and Part 2. Similar to past recordings by the prolific Dutch wielder of sonics this album has an ominous placidity. It’s the train in the faded distance, rolling down the tracks amid a deep sleep session. It’s a cavernous whirring sound, that changes so slightly, adding the resonance of brass percussion drone. In scope this is most definitely the type of record listened best via a headset, so I’ve employed my trusty Bowers & Wilkins P3 cans. This helps prevent any loss of atmosphere that may be forfeited in open air — and there are many moments where its quiet core is not dissimilar to the general field of relative local sound. In this set-up I’m engaged in the low density dimension unfolding. It’s as close to post-ambient as you can get these days, meaning it develops atmosphere, like a thick mist, but introduces a series of sensitive tweaks that realize a certain sense of what lies beyond the surface and what’s gotten entangled within it, the detritus, however slight. A sort of epicurean metal detector for your ears.


Part 2 is a windy continuation, no really, it sounds like field recordings of a frosty mountain range storm at first. As it builds and howls in its blinding swirl, a faint wave tone emerges in the way an old fashioned incandescent bulb would. There’s a flare and retraction. And as these layers stack atop one another, neither is discounted, rather it’s a conversation, a vignette that unfolds in the center of this tempest. The gentle shifts in pressure have a natural quality, smoothly transitioning with a dull glow. Then three-quarter into the track that runs over 25 minutes a cycle starts to unfold, as wired sound signals start to hail. It’s a dusty and meandering light that enters, deviating and transforming. Emanate is such an active, breathy recording it offers a sense of anticipation, suspense, restlessness. In this projects near two decades this is most certainly one for the ages.

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