Vivid Videos of the Month (03/18)


Here at Toneshift we will feature some of the more interesting, creative videos out there, circulating monthly. Since this is our first month back in a while, we thought to kick things off with some really powerful pieces cultivated from the endless, far-reaching web. This month it’s all about the ladies making some serious waves. To start it’s good to see provider WeTransfer partnering with Björk and collaborator Jesse Kanda on a short piece about collaboration, narrated by the illustrious Icelandic songstress. Her latest, Utopia, is a tranquil and puzzling statement about the future of nature and our ever-changing relationship to it. 

Anna von Hausswolff‘s The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra (from Dead Magic) is probably one of the most intriguing alt-pop rock dirges to come down the pike in a few decades. Her voice has the overtones of braiding PJ Harvey, Diamanda Galas and Jarboe yet set to a folky twang. This Wim Wenders-like noir video is gutsy, dirty and downright amazing. Girl can wield a shovel! Directed by her sister, Maria von Hausswolff, both daughters of the equally amazing sound artist CM von Hausswolff. The whole record is quite astonishing actually, give it a whirl…

And finally here from the debut LP String Figures (SVS Records) by Zoë Mc Pherson is vi. Inouï (and free). Billed as an audio-visual album, this is a tweeky and vivid overload that takes you from darkened outdoor spaces lit by artificial light to a series of wild moving textures to modern day aboriginal scarecrow figures moving freely over a beat that is percussive and worldly with handclaps aplenty. Golden fingers emerge from strings, strings in turn move organically from wires, colors and floating shapes mystify in repetition. It’s all quite dazzling and painterly. Directed by Alessandra Leone.



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