Four Trax On Black Wax by Bogdan Dražić


Giallo Disco presents Bogdan Dražić‘s new EP, Four Trax On Black Wax. The Dutch label specializes in what it calls “horror disco” and I suppose that means some Phantom of the Opera pipe organ, blurry voices and a funky backbeat here. Only his second release with a name culled from the annals of the Australian tv show Heartbreak High, this has a post-acid house coloration with muddy, meandering Cabaret Voltaire nuances. It’s only quasi dance music, with a funhouse of creative effects galore, especially the dubby vocals and pert percussive elements. It’s not sober or sombre, though offers a dose of subliminal tropicalia on Europa. He’s learned a thing or two from both sci-fi flicks and breakbeats, and pairing the two is effective. Big Bad Baraka is soaked in bright bass beats and Kraftwerkian Pocket Calculator-like tones. It suffers some from the haze of blurred percussion and is far simpler in composition than the previous tracks, but manages to cram bird whistles, congo drums and cowbells over repetitive handclaps. Saving the rump-shaken Dmitry Distant Remix of House of Thwomp for the finale was wise. This is how I like my dance tracks, slung low, slightly grungy and funky as all get out. Open, crystalline mix with the perfect balance for full-on dancefloor drama. He transforms the altered attitude of the original into a trippy late night reveler making 5:58 far too short for me to get warmed up, leaving you wanting….

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