Modal Gauzes No. 1 by Khem One


From Khem One, an ensemble composed by Kim Cascone (Silent Records) comes a half-hour of moody guitar studies, Modal Gauzes No. 1. This very limited edition of only 50 was especially prepared for the upcoming 4th Annual Drone Cinema Festival taking place at the Chapel Performance Space (Seattle) on April 21st – Cascone also acts as curator of the event.

More details about the fest can be found in the Slog.


The record plays on like a spacious harbor, sometimes still, sometimes there’s a minor wake as small craft jet by in the distance. The tranquil strings are resilient in their manipulated melancholy movements. Modal Gauzes No. 1. Has a distinct mood that’s bent out of shape, then smoothed and doubled over like a drunken sailor. Yes, this sort of reminds me of the subtle gesture of watery scapes, of buoys moving about ever so slightly. Take it from a listener who has spent quality time on the tip of Cape Cod, coastal Oregon and the Gulf of Mexico. This transports me with a hypnotic, lucid way — so gestural and intoxicated, yet at peace. The guitar(s) has a curvilinear well-balanced structure, and the processing stretches and repeats its gentle, harmonious after-effects like glints of moonlight upon small waves. These undulations repeat endlessly, distilling an active sound. It’s a gorgeous study in braving the st/ability of harmonic progression within a very intimate, methodical approach. Cascone develops an atmosphere that leaves you staring off into space.


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