A Few Moments Of Daylight by Tag Cloud

Tag Cloud - A Few Moments Of Daylight - cover

Out of Pennsylvania comes Flag Day Recordings who will release the new EP by Tag Cloud called A Few Moments Of Daylight on April 10th (Bandcamp/CD in two formats). The trio consists of multi-instrumentalist Chris Videll with engineering tasks (as well as some percussion) from Kenny Eaton and label owner, Guillermo Pizarro. Consisting of three tracks that run just over twenty minutes this is right up Toneshift‘s alley – offering striated pitch, bumpy and playful electronics, and wistful ambient space. Early Days employs meditative chimes and an alarming organ to briefly welcome you into the centerpiece which is the title track. This seventeen minute plus track opens with twisting frequencies and pulse, then wriggles with snake-like gestures, hair-clipper buzz and a Krautrock backdrop. The collective din comes to a crescendo and then breaks into pixelated parts and trail away, casting shadows that grouse and wiggle away.

Recorded at Mystery Ton Studios (Monrovia, MD), this record gets big props for layering on instrumental experimentation like planting a garden. In fact I feel like I’m listening to a 60’s happening with Sun Ra in one breath and the residual guitar feedback of Sonic Youth in another. It’s a bit acid-spacy, with the mesmeric incantation of shaped synths whining ever so sweetly.  In the finale, Before Sleep, we are left with a pulsating wind engine, pumping energy in the distance, with what sounds like a foghorn even further away. We are left castaways in these “few moments of daylight“.

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