The Trail Loops Back by Adrian Dziewanski


One of two new releases this month is Adrian Dziewanski‘s The Trail Loops Back from the NY art imprint Invisible Birds pairing up with British Columbia’s equally vibrant The Alcohol Seed. Inside his ninth recording since 2008 you’ll find a nicely styled, handmade lunar-like topographic cover art, glass mastered CD w/ chapbook (edition of 200, w/15 including a bonus CD + prints – all housed in oversize heavy-card folio), and via Bandcamp as well. There are two twenty minute plus tracks here, starting with A Common Dust. Collaged here are layers of bird chirps and calls, watery rushes, manipulated bass tones and other dusty detritus.


Full of quietude and raw atmosphere, the field recordings of stormy drips and wind re-conjures the fierce natural world skillfully and with a clear sense of rearranging the in-situ. In essence Dziewanski conducts and reconstructs Mother Nature’s vast phenomena with artistic disposition. It’s fascinating to hear scores of crickets as if contained in a cyclone while simultaneously the sea heads for low tide. A beautiful and complex bawl, roaring quietly from fore to background. The pitch is bloated and resistant in moments, but always effortless, ending with a bass tone and some light strings.

On Root Tendrils we enter into a gray area of dark ambient noir, with only a few twitchy mechanisms barely revealing themselves. The soft crackling rustle of leaves offers a nice minimal percussive element, as does what sounds as though its a running stream, intermingling the spirit of nature, you can immediately imagine being transported there. Now, mind you its not all just an outdoor journey as Dziewanski has incorporated a pulsating saucer like drone that glows and fades over the course here, it’s warm in its repose. Still, yet, there’s a vanishing train chime which is the first sign of the manmade here. And as you are in the final third of this album there becomes a variance of actions: seething breaths, puddle splashing and a touch of tin. If you have ever camped in the wild, some of this will make sense if you listen carefully enough, though none of this energy would likely be transposed in such a synchronized way. I’m lost in the forest, with the faded distant din of a factory pounding away, and with momentary animus, the situation seems radically situated between a changing ecosphere and the discordant day to day. The effect is a bit of an ethereal wake-up call….ya hear that?

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