Silencers by Sonologyst

SONOLOGYST Silencers - Lo res album cover for web

Naples native Sonologyst (Raffaele Pezzella) has recorded for labels like PeopleSound, Eighth Tower, Petroglyph Music, Sirona Records and Sillage Intemporell – but this is his first on Cold Spring. Martin Bowes mastered Silencers: The Conspiracy Theory Dossiers which is available on limited edition CD (digipak/booklet) and in digital format via Bandcamp. Ten ambient sci-fi tracks snake and wander remotely as heard on the title track with evasive drone and pitchy contortions. Both Singularity and Monotape set the dramatic scene here, like a refined installation or film soundtrack of warped sonic waves, a geiger counter and lots of mystery. This has a similar vibe as themes experimented on the mid 90’s ambient project SETI (Savvas Ysatis and Taylor Deupree), though here it’s more documentary-type exploration and less fantastical. On Nocturnal Anomalies there’s a disturbance, an alien being of sorts, just whaling over a hybrid hiss. This is illustrated clearly on the buzzsaw strings of Close Circuit, where instruments squirm like electric eels and the atmosphere is otherworldly.


Anamorfismo lives up to its name in a haze of micro dust distortions and quiet bent synths. The crackle and hiss are part radar frequencies, part observational research. You are entering a forbidden audio testing site, proceed with caution. The tones are fairly restricted for deep listening, with sound waves that are curvilinear and scaled back. The hollows of Infrared continue this rich exploration with dissonant variations that are a bit like artificial intelligence distress signals. This is true experimental electronic music in the classic sense, the harmonies are based on improvisation and programming. Historic voice samples are added on Secret Societies. The Kennedy Speech where the former leader talks about freedom of information and security. Balanced with the slightly faster paced running synth, another voice reads like a dissertation of news commentator, and the loopy rhythm continues. It’s encoded with conspiracy theories and other stories, concluding with the short NASA Classified Tapes, basically a set of repeating tones that shift slightly, and added radio speaker voices that fade from earshot. We are left with a record that feels evidentiary, elusive and eerily eloquent.



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