Luna by Doon Kanda


In his second EP on Hyperdub Records here is Doon Kanda (aka Jesse Kanda) with the low-brow soft beats of Luna. In seven short tracks this release is subtly groovy and laidback as heard on the bright and intentionally old school synth sounding title track. It’s fueled by comic simplicity, and hidden Jamaican themes woven tightly. At times it feels like a redacted Squarepusher using a Speak & Spell, and depending on how you glance there may be intriguing anomalous tones that are decoding alien voices, attempting communication (i.e. Crinoline).  Hey, the toy was used as a speech synthesizer, I’m not making this up!


This has a funky surface that playfully takes on space themes, though the tracks for the most part are just short teasers, most running only an average of two minutes (Burning, Shed). I assume these will be elongated in mixes, but here the artist flexes his experimental muscles in truncated astral scenarios.  These tracks promise a a/v explosion as the nightmarish cover art suggests and the artist shares: “I’m totally happy for writers to write what they feel. I’d suggest keeping an eye out as I’ll be revealing more and more of the visual side of the world over the coming weeks, there will be more to draw from.” Watch his Instagram for more. On the toy organ and poppy percussion of the closer here, Lamina, we find the record at its most upbeat. This short affair wrestles with identity, a skin shedding metamorphosis of effects.

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