Tephra by Toni Dimitrov & Jared Sagar


Running less than twenty-six minutes over two long tracks is this new ep from producers Toni Dimitrov & Jared Sagar on Norwegian net-based non-profit label Petroglyph Music. The two have worked on several projects together, and Tephra, like its title implies, is packed with an expansive sound that’s ready to jettison. The mood is fluid and run on ambient drone, with coursing tiny particles that emerge and veer away.A high pitched screech appears from the background that sound like a bird of prey warning of imminent danger.

Into track two, numerical like the first, simply titled 02, a shearing buzz plays over a pair of surveillance-like drones and other running sound effects. The pitter-patter percussion blends with opening doors and what can only be described as a mythological recreation of sorts. Imagine, if you will, a time-capsule of field recordings upon a Viking ship navigating through murky waters, the fearless communicating without words to avoid consequences. There’s a steeliness, an atonal unrest. Yes, Tephra has a certain seriousness, a virtual noir, somewhat a radio play. It’s short and sweet (n’ sour) – in its fragmented brevity and allusion.

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