Oneohtrix Point Never’s Black Snow


Did the devil make him do it? Or is this virtual wasteland eating its own tail? This astonishingly saturated, post-DEVO-on-acid nightmarish vision is solipsism personified. All directed by the man himself, Daniel Lopatin, the artist fleshes out his truist colors here, and this is a sneak peek taken from Oneohtrix Point Never’s upcoming new album Age Of, out on the first of June via Warp. Anohni provides a subtle backing vocal on this highly digitized quasi-ballad meets swamp song. This sounds like it might be some profoundly new territory for this oft obscure sound making producer who walks the line between electric noise, sound art and post-pop. If you get a chance, see him live, I’m still having flashbacks from a show back in ’10. You won’t forget or regret it.

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 10.34.44 PM

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