Megara by Meglamancha

Meglamancha - Megara Front 1400x1400

EXPERIMENTAL NOISE FUSION: The Dutch duo of engineers Meglamancha (Freek Philippi & Marlon Wolterink) returns on Barcelona-based label Zona Watusa for their latest ep (Cassette, Digital), Megara. Released on May 29, in just three tracks running about twenty-eight minutes, the atmosphere is post-industrial with soundtrack-isms a-plenty on Poine. Next up on Telchine things get slightly rougher around the edges with a creative balance of crunchy bass, jazz percussion and fusion guitar. This may likely appeal to the average Frank Zappa or late Herbie Hancock fan, who happen to chill out to raucous obscure arena metal. The final track is the centerpiece Megaira, kick-starting with fuzzy drone, tom toms and an anonymous washed out jangle that beats on and on forward.


The improvisation is at a glance amid the metal veneer. It’s a poker-faced track that stands its ground. Things on the track remain steady for over eight minutes and then layers are shed for a break, distorted frequency and naked drums that vibrate. Rangy guitars follow, adding minor electronic effects that bring a needed twist, though they fade fast in favor of even more stringed flare that mimics an elephant stampede. In the last third of the tracks the volume increases, the chaos of layers becomes unruly as a shape starts to form from the fury.  The final minute is actually quite suspenseful, and the build-up is coordinated into a exhaust-spent fade. In a word, Experi-metal.

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