For The Summer, Or Forever by Halftribe


This one sneaks up on your ears, whispers and moves with pretty tones, and brushed crackle n’ hiss. For The Summer, Or Forever by Northern Ireland’s Halftribe, released on Russian imprint Dronarivm on May 18th, is seductively laidback. The muted tonality is complemented by an “on holiday” pace such as heard on Swimming Off That Sombre Shore – capturing that sentiment to a tee. This is the third album for now Manchester-based Ryan Bisset and the mix uses tape loops with fluidity and incredible finesse.


Released on ltd ed CD (only 200) and digitally through Bandcamp, the sweeping summery themes delicately drift and rise, hearkening back to ‘tween instrumentals by Dead Can Dance, fueled on pure ambiance. For some of its repetitive chords Immaginery Lines is the only track that loses traction here, surrounded by the short wave-like rhythm and voice sample on Radiant sandwiched with the soaring peaks/valleys of the effervescent Still, this album’s strongest piece. Perhaps its just imaginary? On this dozen tracks the mood stays within range, ambient, warm with samples and static, employed with good measure. It’s honeyed harmonies and fermented silences intercut with distant birds and quiet sirens are perhaps a puzzle piece in the great rapture.

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