Electric Dream Ecstasy by Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.


And away we go….Released back in mid April, here is the latest outing, the apt titled Electric Dream Ecstasy from Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. on Brazilian label Essence Music putting out cool editions. Speaking of – it’s out on digital, limited edition CD, LP and a (now sold out) Special Edition LP. Sandwiched between psychedelic and prog rock, these four tracks are equally a hippie and hipsters delight. Stare into the exquisite acid-optical cover by Bruno Penabranca for a few minutes and you will be oiled for this trippy album.

0013120666_10From Planet Orb With Love Part 1 reminds me of a smarter, toned down arena rock, as seen through a pastel kaleidoscope with some silky set-back vocals. The guitars wail away complemented by a funky drumkit. And there are new musicians in the mix this time around: “a renewed and strong rhythm section featuring two young and extremely talented Japanese musicians – Satoshima Nani on drums and Wolf, on bass – and the one-of-a-kind vocalist Jyonson Tsu, the master guru Kawabata Makoto is clearly re-energized and totally in sync with his cosmos.”

2018amt-photo01-768x512If you are a fan of Pink Floyd or Spiritualized or Can or Portishead or The Grateful Dead or Muse — think of this as a macro-blend of parts and pieces of all of the above, add three parts reinvention. The space guitar on Pink Lady Lemonade (You’re My Orb) is so unique and subtle, with minor touches of something akin to sitar and ‘shooting star’ electronic effects, nothing over reaching or muddy, all players have an aura. The strings are precisely sweet, played in looped harmonies with added melancholic harmonica for a dramatic bluegrass flare. It’s just over eight minutes, but in my mind it could go on for days and I’d still be lost in its wise trance. At first Sycamore Trees sounds like an outtake from, say, Paisley Park, there’s an uncertainty, an essence of the fallen purple Prince as the crying guitar revels in extensive yowling. Tsu’s voice brings raw emotion to this unpredictable fusion and its jangled up contorted axe. And the strings just soar on and on from whence they came.


And, wait for it, the finale of Pink Lady Lemonade (Electric Dream Ecstasy) makes it clear that the previous exquisite tracks were just a warm up act. The curdling drums and Siouxie & the Banshees style rhythms bring this epic nineteen minute stunner to the fore. This one is tweaked way up, up, up and away. The strings glow through the hum and space-age electro-chirping treatments. And it builds to a magnificent crescendo. The use of the word ‘ecstasy’ shouldn’t be used unless it is perfectly fitting – describing the ensemble playing that doesn’t get much better or resilient than this.

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