Instar by Chrystal Für

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 12.39.29 PM

Just released is Instar by Chrystal Für (Chris Vibberts) on What Are We Records. Four lengthy, winding works, each between thirteen and seventeen minutes. On Zygote there is a quasi heartbeat at its core, rushing with a beaming pulse, orchestrated with a flourishing backdrop of outstretched harmonies that unfurl like wild vines. This ambient set uses scaling chords with simplicity and elegance.It looks as though this is exclusively a digital release as well as the debut record by the artist.


Larva, referencing the cocoon-like coverart, utilizes manipulated tribal cymbals to infuse an atmospheric mood that is wispy and quieting. It creates an abyss dappled in a heavy fog with only a faded, mottled light in the distance. This has hues that remind me of a Robert Rich sleep concert. Slow and drifting, all the way. Sit back and visualize this with me:

Chrysalis continues with a supple, shadowy palette and a haunted keyboard. The track stays within range and doesn’t stray too much until three quarters through when the keys become slightly more determined, rolling forward and right into the conclusion, Imago, without a break.

Vibberts’ use of celestial echo is much more poised here, with a slight Asian sensibility and effective synth punctuation. Possibly influenced by the guitar work by early Vidna Obmana, the jangle is delightfully orphic. I do not often use the word pretty to describe a record, but this has a gauzy sense of dimensional beauty that is often averted perhaps avoiding being categorized as new age’y. This record has just the right proportion of weirdness and experimentation to avoid the moniker, but perhaps gives it a complete makeover? This is my first informal introduction to the work of Chrystal Für, so in due time more will very likely be slowly revealed.



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