Humyth by Giacomo Salis x Paolo Sanna


From the Collectors Series of Confront Recordings comes Humyth by Sardinian experimental composers Giacomo Salis + Paolo Sanna (CDR) – dedicated to Steve Reid. Five untitled, improvised tracks begin with jangling clicks and other small disturbances. The dueling percussionists work off each other to develop chiseling sounds that imitate tropical birds mating and industrial mishegas. Atonal to a fault it’s a salty mix of musicians caught in-the-moment, putting the ‘P’ in playing. At one point towards the end of the first track a radio signal emits a welcome layer of static. Then once track two starts to open up, a cyclical tribal beat starts to coalesce. The resistance between that bubbly percussion and the metallic drag are interestingly at odds, but it works. The label offers its diverse series digitally here.

And then things become really tactile with toy bells and wood objects, rubbing things together, rolling marbles, and projecting a determined sense of fun. In fact, the two have made a live performance of this work additionally available via Bandcamp as well. At times on this album the quietude and minimalistic tendencies sound like the two are on the bow of a ship, creaking away after a storm has past. Elsewhere a ball bearing courts a cymbal, or other way around, though this back and forth creates a conversation that makes each player a truly unique voice. The frenetic vs the calm and collected.


In the finale there’s an incredible balance between a sweet drum beat opposite an enormous rustling that sounds like someone going wild in a department store tearing items and shelving from the rafters. It’s so active it calls to mind wild Pacific waves. There’s a bit of pitting opposites here, in this multilayered recording, and the more disparate the fresher the result.



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