A Visual Album for Daniel Avery’s Song for Alpha

averyvideo(above) screencaptured images via YouTube

Daniel Avery‘s Song for Alpha (Mute) just released last month, has now become a fully realized visual album experience with over an hour’s worth of dynamic manipulated visuals courtesy of Londoners Matt Bateman and Rob Slater, otherwise known as Flat-e, similar to those broadcast during live performances. The duo has worked with Nathan Fake, Clark, Jamie Lidell, Jon Hopkins, LFO among countless others. This is visual head cleaner for active minded multitaskers. Switch it on and get lost.

81h87CIOWOL._SL1500_Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 11.45.47 AM copy

Avery’s record is a wonderfully heady mix of algorythms both reposed ambient and modest techno. His sound, when emphasizing the low end beats works best from a minimal perspective, but this album brings a wider scope to his overall sound. The acid-washed graphics play on white noise/tv snow, broken video, as well as the whole trippy screen-saver genre to a new level, with a nod to master sinewave makers over at the now split Raster and Noton. Lose yourself in the light as there’s much by way of royal purples, gemstones and other linear, assorted obscurities throughout. Take the trip.

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