Albion Remixes by Yair Etziony


This is my introduction to the work of Israeli-born, Berlin-based Yair Etziony, and it’s an EP of four Albion Remixes on False Industries (DL). Released this month, the original versions from Albion were included with four other tracks, released in 2015. Never Again (Fhloston Paradigm remix) is first up and it’s sci-fi themed with a few words spoken in a foreign tongue by an unknown female source. King Britt’s steady beat enters and it’s smooth sailing, not too much fluctuation save for some boiling bubble effects towards the end with it’s lengthy stretched echo.The drum beat enters at a sweet low and slow pace on Imperium romanum (Alec Empire Remix). The atmosphere is endless, open and wavering. The bass beat thwack enters just around the two minute mark for a short bit, but this retains a steady yet volatile composure, until an alarm starts to unfurl and its a drum n bass mix of contorted percussion, with cool breaks. This kicks the needle two hard steps forward.


Nightwatcher (Maps and Diagrams remix) is Tim Martin’s turn to wrangle one of these cosmic pieces, and does so with gentle persuasion. He’s kept the mix a bit neutral, opting for a sweeping ambient track that systematically plays on the multi-layered fore/background. This is likely my standout track on this quartet as it follows form and delivers a coolly detached structure. It’s flotsam and jetsam space junk hurling in slow-mo. Next up is the conclusion, a moody synth recalls the emptiness of pure weightlessness ala 2001: A Space Odyssey followed by subtle alterations to the mix on Avalon (Daniela Orvin Remix). The Berlin composer delights the listener with a transparent wash of electronic rhythm. It’s an icy flow of synths that continue cascading not unlike the sea at high tide.

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