Frozen Orchestra (Splitter) by The Pitch & Splitter Orchester


This hour long work presented by The Pitch & Splitter Orchester is now out on Vienna’s Mikroton Recordings. This full orchestra made up in two dozen players in two parts forming an atonal harmony in union. The album is available on CD (edition of 500) and Digital formats. The long form sustained drone is heady, hive-like — the players’ synergy sculpted as one unit. It’s feel is central, growing from the core playing like a work of endurance as the variances are limited for the first quarter of the recording.


The cohesion here is remarkable, the individual players add their full instrumentation into the piece without stemming out save for some minimal strumming and minor chord inflections. At about sixteen minutes in the effect is mildly trance-inducing.  Then there is a soft gong which subtly breaks the fourth wall, and so it goes. When they call this ‘frozen’ they are not kidding, I’d call it arctic in terms of its pace, everything is super slowed down with a blurred drone background. The piece crescendos in a built-up noise like collected chaos, shifts chord structures, in metered time, and slowly erodes its din for an ending stoked with airy silences and muffled hiss. This work, due to its subtleties and din, most certainly takes an expectant listener. The last three or four minutes are worth the playtime, so stick around if you can.

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