Unrelated by Nicolas Wiese


OUT JUNE 29: When this record kicks off it’s a bit like changing channels on the radio dial as Cuck Rock invades the space in a jumbled hip-hop, rock and operatic overture. Berlin’s Nicolas Wiese is a chameleon artist and Unrelated (Karlrecords; LP/DL) may be his most sly effort to date. The vinyl is clear and in a short edition of 200 in a silk-screened sleeve. This is the third installment in what he terms his Periklas series. As The Indulgence presents, there’s a lot of mystery and mayhem going on in the background with sand-papery percussion and fine-tuned micro-electronics. The seven pieces here are all fairly short, save for the finale, though they are packed with compulsive short stories such as on When We Was Trapped (Bambi Quartet Encounter). He creates an environment where sounds crystallize rather magnetically and as such, by unseen forces, also drop like small metal tiles.

Oliver Ruhnke

Hi-pitched sound waves are doused by random, but calculated actions on MK-Triggered Feedback Piece. It’s only for a few brief moments, though it’s the kind of pitch that drive dogs into circles. Expediency / Atavism utilizes an anxious percussion in a musique concrète watery scape that is paced like a great thriller. The album is brimming with these unpredicatable nuggets. Don’t take my word for it, take a listen…


As The Mould Groweth: The next track is Blossoming Dub Mould (Bluhm Remix), a bit of a post Spaghetti Western of sorts. The sound is a retro hypnotic wheel mind illusion, with a sparse piano key and varied drumming samples thrown in for good measure, as well as chattering typewriters. And finally with the closer, Uzbek Fairytale, a woozy clock chimes into what sounds like a slow-forming jam session that is having a hard time getting started.

But once it gets its bearings it’s a blend of buzz and circumstance, never into far reaching decibels – more like balancing a funeral procession with some traditional Asian and Middle Eastern influences. In that way it has a calm center, with frayed, playful edges that are ever-changing. With the use of drone, and small chimes and strings this fairytale weaves its storyline with an uncertain smile. And all of a sudden a giant music box is opened, with gem-like sounds glistening via sweet chimes that ease off into an ambient fog. And so the story goes.


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