Elusive Balance by OZmotic


After several collaborations, Italian duo OZmotic is perched to release their sophomore effort, Elusive Balance (Touch; CD/DL) on July 6. The recording is comprised of seven tracks, all under eight minutes which they describe: “explores the relationship between humans and nature, as well as the search for balance between these two great entities.” This being the great balance in so many soundworks and contemporary art of late, the call for change and understanding is internationally broad. The album’s title track begins in total silence, and begins with a synthetic drone, minimal hiss and small electronic bleeps and flutters. The atmosphere is cool and detached, until a sweeping soprano sax enters. It’s voice is silky and clean, yet effuses an emotive consternation.


Moving into the next track, Hum, the space is vast with sweeping, drawn out synths and barely audible bright tones that are cordoned to the edges. They are capturing a sketch, an audio version of our changing Earth, hoping to define a kind of collective metamorphosis that occurs almost unconsciously. Operatic voices elusively emerge from the background and this recording finds its sweet spot early on in a seamless transition between contemporary electronics, to opera, to the field recording of birds charmingly chirping away. They explore the contradictions between the virtual and the real. And just as the transitions within the track are impressive, as is the passage into Pulsing. It’s moody and transparent until becoming something plot-like. The meandering sax, micro percussion and other effects make this a neon-lit all-nighter. Some may call it space jazz – not at all to be confused with the leanings of say, Sun Ra. It’s got it’s own flavor, blended with the smoother side of jazz razzmatazz.

Elusive Balance is endlessly listenable, and doesn’t go too dark or light, kind of coasts in this glossier space of electronic music that just stays neatly under the radar of categorization. Lymph is one of those transitional tracks that gets slightly lost in the mix. It’s a midpoint in this exploration, and as such reads as a view from the scenic long road trip. When they roll out the dusty Whisper the atmosphere is pin-drop, slow and low. It’s a gorgeously twisted ambient work in many shades of gray. The nebulous drone is quite breathtaking, as they briefly augment with those remote disembodied voices once again – it’s by far the highlight of the album, and separately could effortlessly be woven into a piece of cinema.


And then Being shape-shifts the sound/space on the recording, with starts and stops and the pitter-patter of microelectronica atop a sweeping sax line. The overtones of classical, jazz, and contemporary digital music are a bit odd at first, but the deeper they go, with timing and editing, the combination just makes a new kind of sense. Finally, wrapping things up on Insecting, when a low rumble is met with variegated drone and other flash glitch tones that are quite potent. The buzzes continue, like an alarm set on a bank vault. Something is hatching, something is breaking – it’s a very exciting, dramatic conclusion. Grab some additional details about the record here.

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