Departure by Triac

triac departure_cover_4000x4000 300dpi

Just out is an EP by Italian trio Triac (Rossano Polidoro, Marco Seracini, Augusto Tatone), Departure on Richard Chartier’s fine Line (Digital only). This is their fourth release (mini and full releases), and from the start of Departure One (of five similar excursions) we are let go into an ambient cloud of pure light. The harmonies are rich and silky, the timbre is softened and stretched. Polidoro, previously of the formidable TU M’ which dissipated in 2011, helps bring his years of digital expertise to this new project which formed the same year. As the recording move on, the nebulous theme unravels by way of Seracini’s sensual synths that are hazy, lazy and good to know. Along with Tatone’s fretless bass the sparkling foreground becomes flawlessly burred into the diaphanous layers here. This Summertime release will cool your burning ears.

MINI FEELS MAXI: In about twenty-seven minutes these five tracks really act as one continuous work that attempts to distort time if you allow, bridging it with a meditative, undiluted ambient atmosphere. The silences in between the tracks break the continuity of the flow, making each its distinct short piece. This could be easily paired with a ballet, it has that je n’ais se quoi. The individual players become anonymous here, and harmonize as one. From beginning to end, this floats freely. Though this short, but quite sweet, if you like the genre, you will absolutely fall in love with this release.

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