Toneshift is Guest DJ on Unexplained Sounds – Today!


This is a Recognition Test of the Mixlr broadcasting system, this is only a test. Tune into the experimental Italian radio program Unexplained Sounds today, July 1st (2-4PM Central Standard Time) as‘s TJ Norris Guest DJ’s the final half hour! This is our first collaboration, and if you love sounds from the deepest reaches, you just might enjoy this program that we’ve curated for discerning ears. Listen….

The two hour show will be broadcast on Mixlr (hosted by Raffaele Pezzella), the live streaming service. Some of our selections feature: Georg Deuter (Germany), Federico Durand (Argentina), Takami Nakamoto (France), #Dome (England), Ana Dall’Ara-Majek (Canada/France), Robert Schwarz (Austria), Jodie Lowther (UK), Oneohtrix Point Never (USA), Toshimaru Nakamura (Japan) and Superalma Project (Portugal). So sit back + tune in later today! Or click below for the full capsulized podcast.



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