Rituais 101 by Serpente

TE002K7 Artwork

Rituais 101 (Tormenta Electrica; CS/DL)

This debut release, a four track EP, is brought to you from one of Lisbon’s active players, Bruno Silva, otherwise known as Serpente. The tape was just released by Brazilian startup Tormenta Electrica just a few weeks back in an edition of only 50, as well as digitally through Bandcamp.

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 8.31.26 AM

Starting off with the bouncy Sangue De Galo (or Rooster Blood) you are facing a split screen mimic that would otherwise be a plain old beat if it weren’t for the sliced chasm that comes off like a broken spool. It’s slightly funky with what sounds to be quick edits from either a horror film or a raucous Superbowl audience, hard to tell, but you get such skant glances that it makes for a cool tension. The circular nature never becomes repetitive in the literal sense, just figuratively. But this is where the track shines as its shaped into a running collection of minimal percussive elements as if it were snowballing down a cliff with medium velocity.


Venda De Altar, perhaps adds to the ‘sacred/profane’ theme here, it combines a bloated motor with snappy cuts once again, here more of an in-situ feel with a bit of an industrial vs elemental atmosphere. It’s all quite low in range, yet packed with ‘about-to-spring’ drama. You are engaged in a rummaging through objects, including a tick, tick, tick timer and an underworld theme indicative of retro 60’s espionage thrillers. We’re goin’ “under the straw” with Sob A Palha, a tentative piece that is using a tape delay/rewind effect mixed with a watery sample. A raw scrubbing effect repeats and feedback blend to create this perpetual motion. In the end a few electronics are added like a cartoon machine producing hollow cans. It’s an unusual track that throws you off any expectations of how various noises become musical after a while. Finally, Fio Obeah continues with new playful effects that use glass, a whirring rotor and vocal sample cuts. It’s fragmented hip-hop lain atop a bare industrial atmosphere. Somehow it all works.

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