8B5C3B++ by Chris Parmenidis


Chris Parmenidis
8B5C3B++ (Focused Silence; CD/DL)

END/END ATMOSPHERE: Released today is this forty-three minute record from Greek producer Chris Parmenidis who creates a slow-moving ambient textured work filled with intense atmosphere. Consisting of the single title track it’s an awe-inspiring look at contemporary sound art and its ability to adapt to the unknowns of technology. There is a freeform sensibility here, no repeating cycle of effects, rather a continuum of visionary ideas. It’s a rare bird.

With well balanced teeny tweets and scratches mirroring thick clouds of on/off again puffs of drone and distant transmissions the listener is situated amidst an in-between, an outer (or inner) space. Something about 8B5C3B++ bates your breath for what may be lurking around the next bend. The silences are so static and nullifying, the sonic lows are deep, warbling and dramatic. In the press materials I learn that this is performed as “a multidimensional movement in space via an eight-channel projection” which sounds really appealing to me, though even sans a/v combo I easily grasp the subtle tension of space/dimension here.


FUTURE NOW: This is drenched in all aspects of aural cinema, uncertain sci-fi. But the mysteries are embedded in the painstakingly slow pacing that would give the most casual listener a reason to check their surroundings. This tension makes this not quiet sleep concert worthy and far from background music. It’s so hard to believe that something so incredibly nuanced comes from the same mind that has mastered albums for R Kelly and Britney Spears! Though this is indeed as refined as work from Tod Dockstader or even some of Eno’s best ambient records (who incidentally produced Devo, The B-52’s, David Byrne and a host of others’s records).


Other than releasing a mid 90’s record based on poetry by K. P. Cavafy – You Are Still Far Away (Hax Records, 1996) – this is his quasi-debut, and it’s worthy of becoming a massive sleeper hit. From the ground up this is pure atmosphere from end to end, it meanders like an epic thriller though I better stop before I drown in superlatives. That said, this is for sure in the top three for 2018 thusfar in my book.


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