Mirakler by Moskus


Mirakler (Hubro; CD/DL)

THREE’S CO. – Norwegian trio Moskus bring a quirky, updated variation between jazz and electronics. Anja Lauvdal (piano), Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson (bass) and Hans Hulbækmo (drums) deal in a secular hybrid that sounds like nothing else really. It’s mellow and friendly with just the right amount of weirdness. It’s like the funny uncle of Herbie Hancock and Stereolab one step removed. They incorporate a quasi-trad Scandinavian sound with a trip hop edge. It’s fun without being infused with flaccid lyrics, yet at times it can even sound like a toy laser gun or a car commercial (Irsk setter). Mirakler, their fourth release (all from Hubro), is as feisty and poker-faced as is it’s absurdist coverart depicting a man vs reindeer staring contest.


MOODY + MOOGY: The droopy pace of Sang til C has the smarts of Portishead with the languid bass of the ‘tween of 70’s era fusion. They incorporate animated snake charmer organ (Voyager), retro-hyperbolic hipster rhythms, and the whole thing is spiced with a dash here and a hint there of space age music, making it oddly timeless. Though these guys are billed as jazzers, they are so fluid that they could easily open for Stereo Total or Trans Am. The handclaps and Doors-like organ on Min venns skaperverk makes for an awesome short break at only 1:18! In fact, the longest of this baker’s dozen is just around five minutes, making for an impeccable collection of brief vignettes, like a bunch of glistening ripe and juicy grapes. Jailhouse art music is likely the most akin to classic jazz here, perfectly laidback with a few minor effects and a distinct clarity on the three players each doing their spaced-out thing, in harmony.

ORGAN AHOY: On (” ,) a theremin-like warped sound (is that musical saw?!) rises like a ghost and leads way to the concluding En natt with it’s warm atmosphere and low range percussion, like a lapping wave into the last bit of daylight. It’s like the sweetest break-up backing track. Filled with gentile yet vivid excerpts of luxe ideas together this forms a delightful weekend earful, especially the restrained/rhapsodic use of organ throughout. To these aged ears this has the quintessential feel of Summer and is due out on 8/17 so you do not have long to grab one of these for your office, phone or poolside player.

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