Panchasila (Self-Titled)


Panchasila (Discrepant; CS/DL)

The Argentinian duo of Juan José Calarco and Guillermo M. Cerredo make up Panchasila whose new tape (ed of 150) on the Discrepant imprint is am ambient force that breaks new ground. They had an earlier EP, Pallqa (Test Tube, 2014), though this is their official full length debut featuring themes of Bollywood as well as dub sounds of Cumbia and Indonesia. If you are looking for an immersive recording that employs intensive atmospheres with a tropical space age feel look no further. The opener Canción de la Emperatriz is a whispery mix of tiny beeps, crickets, radio transmissions and a warm female trance vocal all interwoven delicately. Patpong is a layered journey with just the right balance of intermediary samples and dubby interludes. The intrigue builds slowly, as this comes off like an elusive, funky audio documentary. A perfect spin on Summer, worthy of multiple rotations.


CULTURED MASH-UP: The conversational voices and other momentary blurs of sound snippets seem lifted from an old scratched-up vinyl, though they are stirring a much larger brewing pot of ingredients. The rhythm of Runapayka is a sort of post-apocalyptic Indian beat with a faded vocal and other serrated effects, all somehow blended in a slipstream fashion. The culture clash of themes is broken down, filtered and delivered like quirky vignettes, all rolled into one – and it’s infectious (in the best way). Dalang is a woozy, prog-like touch of psychedelia. In a muted haze village jangle erupts, it’s an uplifting, curious sensibility that turns slower and darker as if night has fallen. Drawn, slowed voices speak as the light dims at the end of this portion of the recording.

ARRIVES 8/24: Side B opens with the fleeting Sembiyan. Voices speak and echo into and from the central dub frame. This only becomes more urban/environmental as Yuyai 2 blends gateway announcements over passing new wave electronics and industrial buzz. The silences increase. Estero is like a fuzzy snapshot of a seaside town in the rain, similar to crackle and static, it’s a slippery mix with a motorized beat that keeps on the down low. The purgatory of the track never breaks its tension, and keeps a certain kinesthesia. The set up for the ending, and lengthiest track Salt, is a perfect storm. With its airy charm and resilient hues a sensitive worldliness is drawn from the hiss and tranquility. A pitter-patter beat along with laser electronics takes this one to a land that Sun Ra once pined about. A spacey mix with a foreign hip-swivel sense, and an ability to collage disparate cultures makes for a sensational and memorable debut!

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