Shapes by Peter Wullen

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 7.44.33 AM

Peter Wullen
Shapes (Gipsy House Recordings; DL)

The latest from Belgian artist Peter Wullen is the trance-inducing ambient Shapes and it’s the debut from smalltown Texas imprint Gipsy House Recordings. This is his fourth full album, and first since 2015. Yours truly did the cover image, so though it would be a conflict of interest to review it.


This comes from a small series of ‘light studies’ that I conducted over the mid 00’s, but have never shared before (image below). I most certainly can and will recommend heading over to Bandcamp to grab your own copy, name your price, and support an artist and fledgling label! I think you will be glad you did, as I rarely put my name on a project, and Wullen is one to watch, he has a few other upcoming projects, but this will whet your ear-petite! 😉 Suffice to say, the subtleties are divine. If you enjoy Shapes, listen to a few of his other works here:


PS: What do you think of the image? This is one of a few record covers I’ve done. Your welcome to visit my site for more of my work.

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