Organes de la Voix by MSMiroslaw


MSMiroslaw | Organes de la Voix
Trasponsonic (CDR)

Subtitled Chants Funèbres pour AHYHW this was recorded inside a nuraghe (a megalithic megalithic edifice found in Sardinia) using only voice (or in this case, organs for the voice). The indulgent echoes fill the space in this definitively ritualistic-style dark ambient record filled with reverb, smoke and mirrors. I’m guesstimating that this is Sardinian sound artist MSMiroslaw‘s third recording since about 2014, one of which was a collaboration. This uses a phonetic system to produce a sense of polyphonics. As an EP Organes de la Voix flows from track to track rather effortlessly with gurgling mumbles, like internal throat singing. The effect is quite interesting and oddly meditative for such low-budget style production.


MSMiroslaw (Mirko Santoru) creates a hypnotic effect of the harmonic cries duly delivers a passionate cadence with a sacred sheen. What comes off as a shamanic circle of many voices, may only be a singular which is layered, coming off like a choir, humming like ghostly spirits. Each track reflects different parts of the actual vocal chord system like an experimental study in the track titles: Cavite Nasale, Oesophage, Laryngo-Pharynx, Cordes Vocales. On the final of a half dozen tracks here, Glotte Epiglotte et Langue sounds like a strange fusion between a bevy of hooded monks clashing with a hive of angry bees.

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 9.33.49 AM

You will want to stay for this epic blurred ending. To me, when I listen to the structured din all I can think is, this is the punk rock of the present. It’s completely out there, eyes rolling in the back of your head and all. And amid its shrouded mystery are layers upon layers of vocal treatments, somewhat corroded and spinning in and out of control. This can be most appreciated with some volume as most is in the deep lower registers. For those who not dare go down the forbidden chasm of the most peculiar of dark ambient this will  become a cult classic in short time.

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