Sensory Dub Example by Co La


Co La | Sensory Dub Example
Orange Milk Records (12″/DL)

Two years in the making, and worth every second here is Sensory Dub Example from Co La (Matt Papich) with his first long-form single-sided 20 minute piece – donning a rad Yves Tanguyesque cover by Keith Rankin who has designed many an interesting release. He’s put out a handful of records (tapes, et al) since 2011, but has kept a bit of a low profile – though should get people out of their smartphone stare. The synths, the structure, has an Asian influence, and will appeal to fans of sparse compositions like that of Ryuichi Sakamoto.

It’s pacing, whispers (that does smell so good…) and marked percussion deviate from any traditional beat structure – and with a theme like the senses you cannot debate its genuine sensitivity. Though Co La unleashes oscillating game device sounds that flex and clash with the voices and animated goings-on with an asymmetrical vibrancy. An abstract record with no exit strategy (other to get lost in the non/structure).

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 7.16.02 PM

It is “loosely spanning four movements…anchored by a low pulse and deep mechanical textures that constantly build and release tension”.  The tones are bright, with just the right amount of hushed, broken vocabulary – keeping things suspenseful and upright throughout. There are unusual synth doodles followed by coarse breathy silences, though my ears read this as the atonal crosshairs of a contemporary video game soundtrack.

There’s a sawing, or is it panting? The ambiguity is palpable. I’d imagine this would make for a perfect pairing with a cutting edge dance troupe performance in its punctuation, and spoken alphabet. There is really an unexpected turn, churn in the plot every other short passage – it’s quite a colorful and dramatic setting. This will keep your ears rapt for the entire course. More Co La:

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