Flashback: Scanner + Ryan Jeffery


A dozen years ago while working on adapting my visual installation work with commissioned soundtracks by various international composers I had the pleasure of working with the incredibly talented Robin Rimbaud (Scanner). For one of my installations I paired his with a young video artist, Ryan Jeffery (no based in LA) who previously presented at my long defunct a/v project space, Soundvision.

This piece was shown at Sonic Circuits Festival and only recently did I discover the video on YouTube so I thought to share it as it has really stood the test of time, but at twelve years old I view with a certain retrospective sheen. These works were spontaneous collaborations and quasi-originated as concepts driven by the urban decay in my photographic work. This seven minute work is gorgeous, and Jeffery’s video work is perfectly paired, so icy and cool. Enjoy this clip, especially if you have a larger screen and good volume.

This CD/DVD combo set, Trimix was released via Innova in 2006, it is a collection of reinterpretations of the original Tribryd soundtrack that was released three years prior (in which this audio track was released). I managed to find a few copies in my archives that I put up on my site’s shop in case anyone wanted a copy of their own.

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